Efficiency and quality are our benchmark

We believe in the importance of offering our customers professional support. Together, we set up intelligent and efficient processes that benefit all stakeholders – from investors to end customers.

Heike Eichholzer

«Since 1 January 2018, Kreditfabrik has been handling Suva personnel mortgages on its own responsibility in accordance with our guidelines. By cooperating constructively on optimising and digitising our processes, we are able to focus our resources on acquiring and advising customers.»

Heike Eichholzer, Team Leader Credit Switzerland

Dr. Urs Blattmann

«The Kreditfabrik has the technology, the processes and the management to digitally transform the mortgage lending business and thus enable more efficient production in the long term.»

Dr. Urs Blattmann, Managing Director, Blattmann & Partner

Adrian Scherer

«The Kreditfabrik’s many years of experience and in-depth knowledge ​of the mortgage sector are of invaluable use to us.​ Thanks to the high degree of digitalisation and the associated cost efficiency, our investors are benefiting from the Kreditfabrik’s extremely competitive conditions. Our investors, with their pronounced need for security, appreciate auditing compliant with ISAE 3402.»

Adrian Scherer, Chief Executive Officer Liberty Investment Foundation, Schwyz

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suva Insurance

Due to very low margins in the credit business, automated and highly cost-effective production is key. As of 1 January 2018, Kreditfabrik has been handling Suva personnel mortgages in accordance with Suva guidelines. By successfully outsourcing this service, Suva is able to focus its resources on its core business. This has led to a significant reduction in production costs without compromising on quality of service. High-quality credit decisions are also being made promptly.

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Liberty Investment Foundation

Due to the significant change in earnings opportunities in the “Swiss fixed income” segment, Liberty Anlagestiftung took the decision in early 2019 to set up a new “mortgage” investment vehicle. As a market newcomer, they were faced with the usual choice: make or buy. They chose the latter, and in Kreditfabrik found the perfect partner for providing and handling property financing. The result is a smooth-running partnership and highly satisfied new clients.eit fest.