Maximum efficiency in credit management

We provide highly automated, professional and secure servicing solutions in the mortgage market – in a transparent and cost-efficient manner.

Our comprehensive range of services includes the processing, management and risk assessment of mortgages. Continuous and automated processes are created thanks to a modular service chain and smart applications. Full compliance and certified processes pave the way to a profitable future.

01 Application Collection and structuring of information

An online form is used to obtain the necessary information and documents about the property and the credit applicant. Capturing is used to convert the unstructured data into structured data which is then made available for further use.

02 Verification Credit analysis and pricing

Intelligent software solutions are used to assess creditworthiness and financial standing; pricing is then determined.

03 Allocation Deciding on a particular credit

Once the credit documents have been checked, the credit decision is made either manually or automatically, as desired. The relevant contractual documents are generated automatically and sent to the credit applicant.

04 Management Collection and risk assessment

We take care of interest and amortisation due dates and the dunning process.

Risky loans (recovery) are managed professionally and the valuation of the properties, loan maturities and any interest rate changes are monitored periodically.

05 Documentation Digital reports and storage

The entire process is logged and made available in reports. All documents, applications and contracts are stored digitally in a Swiss data centre.