Attractive loans from Liberty Investment Foundation

Whether you’re looking to purchase or renovate property or redeem your mortgage, we will be happy to accompany you every step of the way. We can also help you to bridge your interests, for example by making pension provisions or optimising your taxes. Together we will find a smart solution.

The options for your own property

Fixed-rate mortgage

Term Interest rate
2 years 0.58%
3 years 0.62%
4 years 0.63%
5 years 0.70%
6 years 0.75%
7 years 0.82%
8 years 0.89%
9 years 0.97%
10 years 0.98%
11 years 1.33%
12 years 1.43%
13 years 1.63%
14 years 1.68%
15 years 1.73%

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Variable mortgage

Term Interest rate
New 2.00%
Current 2.00%

Saron mortgage

Term Interest rate
3 months 0.61%

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